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The Brady Campaign Has Gone Full Derp.

A friend of mine enlightened me on a recent posting on the Brady Campaign's facebook page. Please see exhibit "A"


That is the picture that was posted and see exhibit "B" on the screen capture of their facebook page.


So it seems the Brady Campaign is saying that rape only lasts 30 and all is over?  Women that have been sexually assaulted have a difficult time carrying on normal lives and the emotional scars run deep. There have been rape victims that committed suicide because of the emotional torment. 

Are we to believe that their soultion is to become a victim and night fight back because of some sheep mentally? 
Please feel free to chime in.

Posted by BrokenTrace

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  1. As an expert and published author on rape trauma syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder, I’m just incredulous that even the bottom-feeders at Brady would trivialize the psychic trauma experienced by each and every rape victim.

    In the immortal words of Captain Hook, “Mere words cannot express me utter contempt for ya.”

  2. Did they pull it? I can’t find it.

  3. Yes they did, once they started to get negative responses, they took it down and tried to play it off as a hoax.

    More info here: http://www.practicaltacticaltraining.com/2013/01/brady-campaign-feels-women-should-be-rape-victims-rather-than-defend-themselves/

  4. I found this one yesterday, and it was not from the Brady Campaign. It was from a satire/troll account set up on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Coalition-for-the-removal-of-Assault-Weapons/185721394906556). The images have since been deleted, as have any comments. They had at least a half dozen fake ads with the Brady Campaign logo on it, all gone now. Most of them were offensive, some were almost humorous.
    As much as I detest the Brady Campaign, I see no reason to make things up about them. They are quite capable of discrediting them selves without any help from others.

  5. And these are the people that want a “reasonable” discussion on guns?

  6. It’s good to see someone thnniikg it through.

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