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The Brady Campaign Has Gone Full Derp.

A friend of mine enlightened me on a recent posting on the Brady Campaign's facebook page. Please see exhibit "A"


That is the picture that was posted and see exhibit "B" on the screen capture of their facebook page.


So it seems the Brady Campaign is saying that rape only lasts 30 and all is over?  Women that have been sexually assaulted have a difficult time carrying on normal lives and the emotional scars run deep. There have been rape victims that committed suicide because of the emotional torment. 

Are we to believe that their soultion is to become a victim and night fight back because of some sheep mentally? 
Please feel free to chime in.


Well Written Article on Gun Control from a Gun Loving Leftist.

Here is a well written article. Read it and enjoy.



The Internet Hate Machine

Hey guys,
Long time no talk. Its time to awaken the gun rights supporters and be ever vigilant in educating thoes around us on the facts behind gun control.
Stay true to the course and don't stop the debate. We have too much at stake, our freedoms and liberties.

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Brady misses the bulls eye….. again.

The Brady campaign just doesn't get it..... again. They are calling the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011" by the made up name of "“Packing Heat On Your Street" bill. They say on their website:

H.R. 822 is so extreme it would allow dangerous, violent, and untrained people from out-of-state to carry loaded guns in your community, and your state would be powerless to stop them.

Apparently giving it a "big bad name" makes is worse than it really is like "barrel shroud" or "shoulder thingie that goes up".

I can't get over how much this is an oversight. They are saying the people that go through all the legal channels and get themselves proper training are the problem... WHY do they feel that the people that care enough to want to protect their families are the problem, not the ones that we are protecting their families from.

Because if a CRIMINAL knows that there is a LAW that stops them from crossing state lines while they have a gun in their wast band they will stop, turn in their firearm to the nearest police officer and stop their life of crime, and join a local non-profit that's whole mission in life is not to help people but to strip them of their rights because they believe that an inanimate object is what causes people to commit crimes not the person themselves.


Did you hold your candlelight vigil with the Brady campaign?

These people did.

When will they have a vigil for all poor sea kittens murdered every year eaten my the horrible people in tofurky, TX?

H/T Weer'd


1-900-Run-Guns ATF’s new Number

After the recent uncovering of "fast and furious" and anticipating legal fees, budget cuts, and an expensive PR campaign in order to repair the reputation of the ATF. It has been decided to implement a 1-900 number in order to increase revenue.

This new number will be used for ALL ATF business from now on, This will include all "Brady Checks", background checks, verification of registrations, and Warrant verification.

This Number will be manned 24/7 by a private contractor approved by Eric Holder and the Obama administration. This Contractor is required to be Bilingual and NOT participate in E-Verify the announcement of the contractor will happen later this week. Some of the groups that been through the initial verification process have been selected on their ability to complete phone calls in a timely manner, their knowledge of the ATF's paperwork process and their knowledge of firearms these groups are:

The Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence (EFEHV)

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (BCPGV)

CeaseFire, Inc.

Americans for Gun Safety

Eric Holder was quoted as saying "These groups have shown exceptional knowledge and ability, and will use their newly appointed positions at the ATF to ensure that everything continues to go smoothly for our citizens in order for them to be able to purchase firearms."

These Groups beat out 347 other applicants such as:

The NRA.

Firearms Dealers of America.

The FFL phone support specialist groups.

The volunteer Firearms experts and retired military that knows ALL the ATF paperwork and are specialists at phone support.

This new number will have a "nominal" charge of $49.99 for the first minute and $14.99 each additional minute . Mr. Holder ensured that the process will be a smooth transition and the new system will be intuitive and user friendly, this will be accomplished by implementing the same multilingual voice recognition system already used by the government in systems like, DMV's , Banks, and Computer and Cellphone tech support systems.

Mr. Holder demonstrated the new system by completing a "Brady Check" by phone using his own credentials in less than 98 minutes one in which he failed, and was informed by the automated system to call back to find out why he was denied. When he hung up the phone Mr. Holder was quoted as saying "Isn't that easier than waiting that 7 days?". Upon witnessing that Mr. Holder didn't have to wait 7 days to be denied Jim and Sara Brady called President Obama and started to cry and complain so loudly that they were taken to the crying room. Where they found President Obama holding another press conference talking about how the Republicans wont play nice with him.

This system is due to go live when the budget is balanced.


Dumbells Kill!

Caught this little blog entry via twitter and just thought that I would share. Too may people feel that the tools make for the violent crime rather than the person committing the crime. If I were a police officer I would guess that the scene described in the post about the Cohen murders, would be far more horrific to see over a gun crime scene.  Anyway read the post here


Letter to AG Holder from Issa and Grassley

Here is an interesting letter sent to AG Eric Holder from Darrell Issa and Charles Grassley

Get the letter here


Big Brother Will Watch You Now

The FTC has given it blessings to a company selling the latest and greatest in employee background checks. Social Intelligence Corp. is offering a service now that will scour the social media sites and return a report biased on what is found. In the example report on The Consumerist, the person is holding a firearm and a sword. This person was flagged because of " Demonstrating potentially violent behavior" and "Flagrant display of weapons or bombs"

Now this strikes me as odd in this day in time when profiling someone is wrong. Pardon my ignorance, but I believe this is the same thing. Please feel free to chime in on this topic.

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