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The Brady Campaign Has Gone Full Derp.

A friend of mine enlightened me on a recent posting on the Brady Campaign's facebook page. Please see exhibit "A"


That is the picture that was posted and see exhibit "B" on the screen capture of their facebook page.


So it seems the Brady Campaign is saying that rape only lasts 30 and all is over?  Women that have been sexually assaulted have a difficult time carrying on normal lives and the emotional scars run deep. There have been rape victims that committed suicide because of the emotional torment. 

Are we to believe that their soultion is to become a victim and night fight back because of some sheep mentally? 
Please feel free to chime in.


Well Written Article on Gun Control from a Gun Loving Leftist.

Here is a well written article. Read it and enjoy.



Brady misses the bulls eye….. again.

The Brady campaign just doesn't get it..... again. They are calling the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011" by the made up name of "“Packing Heat On Your Street" bill. They say on their website:

H.R. 822 is so extreme it would allow dangerous, violent, and untrained people from out-of-state to carry loaded guns in your community, and your state would be powerless to stop them.

Apparently giving it a "big bad name" makes is worse than it really is like "barrel shroud" or "shoulder thingie that goes up".

I can't get over how much this is an oversight. They are saying the people that go through all the legal channels and get themselves proper training are the problem... WHY do they feel that the people that care enough to want to protect their families are the problem, not the ones that we are protecting their families from.

Because if a CRIMINAL knows that there is a LAW that stops them from crossing state lines while they have a gun in their wast band they will stop, turn in their firearm to the nearest police officer and stop their life of crime, and join a local non-profit that's whole mission in life is not to help people but to strip them of their rights because they believe that an inanimate object is what causes people to commit crimes not the person themselves.


I was asked “What was the weirdest thing to ever happen to me while carrying concealed?”

So I thought I would share this little story with y'all.

When I first got my CCW I was using a non-retention holster, I was adjusting my clothing after using the restroom at Olive Garden when I noticed the door opening I immediately went to move my cover garment over my firearm, in that motion with a loose belt and a non-retention holster the firearm shifted its weight and slid right out and made a clatter on the floor that sounded like the entire contents of a kitchen cabinet (or at least it seemed that way at that moment) onto the floor (no round in the chamber), and as this happened as I was watching the  police officer walk through the door.

He looked at me, Looked at my firearm laying on the floor and locked eyes with me. I didn't move. He calmly asked if I had a permit, I answered "yes" he asked me to take several steps back. He then retrieved my firearm checking to see if I had one in the chamber and asked me for my permit. After I showed it to him, he asked what happened, I told him that "CCW is new to me and I'm still trying out holsters and that's why there isn't one in the chamber, and it fell out". He then asked if I had taken any classes yet, I told him that I had my first one scheduled next week, he then gave me a canned speech about responsible gun ownership.

He then smiled handed me my firearm back and told me about several holsters he recommended. I have seen this officer several times around town since then he would always smile and nod to me, recently he asked if I had everything figured out when he saw me eating lunch at Subway one day he sat down and talked for about an hour.

Now we call each other whenever we go to the range. He has become a good friend.


Did you hold your candlelight vigil with the Brady campaign?

These people did.

When will they have a vigil for all poor sea kittens murdered every year eaten my the horrible people in tofurky, TX?

H/T Weer'd


Cool feature or defect?

Sig Sauer manufactures some of the best weapons on the market in my opinion. I'm still loving my P238 .380, it packs a hell of a punch for it's compact size. During my testing of this weapon I noticed something that absolutely blew my mind.

As you know, when firing most semi-automatic handguns the slide will lock once the magazine has been emptied. Standard procedure at that point is to eject the empty mag, drive a new mag home and grab the back of the slide, pulling it back, in order to chamber a round from the fresh mag. This process takes only a second, maybe two, if you've trained for it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, have I got something interesting for you. There I was, testing out my new P238, having a ball when I emptied the mag. So, I eject the spent mag, take my freshly loaded mag, drive it home and.....the freakin slide lock released and chambered a round!!! Holy Hell!!! Do you have any idea how cool that is? Needless to say my husband and I were in awe. I've never seen a handgun do that before. After the initial shock wore off we decided to do some tests. Was this caused somehow by the FMJ rounds I was using. The answer is no. We found this to be a constant result not affected by the type of round in the mag. Even tried it with an empty mag...yep, got the same results.

Now, like I said. This is by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen on a handgun. Even my husband, who has trained rigorously on reloading, admitted that such a feature could save a few precious seconds (or more depending on your skill and comfort level) and possibly save a life.

I needed a bit more info so I called Sig Sauer customer service. When I explained to the gent why I was calling he gave a knowing chuckle and said that it's actually not an intentional function. I could tell this was not the first time this guy had heard of this. So I asked him if they had had a large amount of complaints on this. He said that they had some calls, but no complaints. Everyone that has had the chance to use this weapon and experience this little quirk loves it! Now, there haven't been any reported instances of slide locking failures so Sig's going with the flow at this point.

When we look back at history we see that so many of greatest triumphs have happened unintentionally. Could Sig have stumbled onto something accidentally that may change the future of handgun production? Could this be the next big breakthrough that gives our law enforcement and military personnel a few precious seconds that may save their life or the life of someone else? Only time will tell.

For now, Sig's the only weapon I will have on my side.


A Warning From a Brazilian About the US 2nd Amendment

I could not help but to become infuriated over what the gentleman stated in this article.  In Brazil, the citizens are targeted by local law enforcement over owning guns or anything that looks like guns. He also offers up a warning to American citizens to stand up and fight for our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

I always take it to heart when someone from another county speaks out about our 2nd amendment rights, especially from countries that have headed down the same path that it appears that we are taking.

I strongly urge you to support a pro 2nd amendment organization such as the ones listed below.


Open Carry Day.

Went to eat... nothing happened.

Went to the book store... nothing happened.

Went to the "organic" market... nothing happened. (though I was avoided)

Went to the local gun shop... Duh..

Went to a woman's clothing store with the wife... Nothing happened.

Went to the video game store... Nothing happened.

Went to Steak House for dinner... Nothing happened.

Went to Liquor store for night cap... Nothing happened.

Went home... Had a good day!


Valuable lessons…

I was having trouble deciding where to start. After a weekend like none I've had before, where I had the opportunity to do things most people in my position could only dream of. From firing the Barrett .50 cal and the M16 the same weapons use  by our brave men and women overseas. To classic open bolts like the Grease gun, shooting preferred gangster gun the Tommy gun, to even taking a Rangemaster Pistol class. These were experiences, that before this weekend, were doomed to only be dreams.

Secondly the people were amazing everyone had a warm smile and a hearty handshake. It was truly good company and coming away many new friends is only secondary to the knowledge that there are many other people that value our freedoms as much as I do.

As I sat at my desk back at work on Tuesday, Fat and happy from a good Memorial day, I pondered what was the best part of the whole experience. There were just too many things battling for this spot in my mind to put my finger directly on one.

Only after the smoke had cleared and the last brass had gone cold did it finally occur to me what was the most memorable experience of the whole thing. Needless to say it came as a bit of a shock to realize that be best experience of the Luckygunner blogger shoot wasn't that of my own.

It had been nagging me non-stop since Sunday, this little voice in the in the background describing every firearm, describing every target in minute detail, speaking about every shooter with crisp detail. The thing is the voice wasn't my own.

Every time I would look at a video of this weekend, view photos or read a blog post about it there was a comforting pressure at my back reminding that there was something more that I was missing that was more important then shooting all the firearms, meeting all the people, or the training I received from RangeMaster.

The most important thing about this weekend was the impression that it left on my son. He had been talking about it non-stop since Sunday, he spoke lovingly about the "cool holster" that was worn by Jennifer and made by Michael. He has been carrying around my copy of Arcturus signed my MJM and pretending he is reading it. He has been wearing the safety glasses that Tam Gave him on Sunday, I even had to take them off of him when he fell asleep in bed on Sunday. He has been begging me to watch the RangeMaster DVD we got after the training.

I truly didn't realize how much fun he had and how much of a truly positive experience this had left on him until Tuesday night when I found these drawings in his notebook. As you can see he has drawn the luckygunner shirts we were wearing, the range, and him shooting the Kel-tec .22.

Above all the magnificent firearms I got to shoot this weekend, it was the humble 10/22 and Olegs Kel-tec PF-9 with the Twisted Industries .22 conversion that made the lasting impressions that will last a lifetime. It's weekends like this that will make him a lifetime firearm enthusiast and shooter. Though him and my wife only showed up because we had checked out of the hotel on Sunday and they were just hanging out till we were ready to leave that little bit of time it all it took to make a truly lasting mark on a young mind.

The people at Luckygunner, Magtech, Sellier & Bellot and Rangemaster, have done in one weekend what I could never do in my back yard. It truly brings a tear to my eye knowing that even though I had the experience of a lifetime my son had a better time then me.

I truly must thank Luckygunner, Magtech, Sellier & Bellot and Rangemaster for helping me as a father show my son the joy of shooting, better than I ever could at home. You have earned the loyalty of my family for helping me be the best father I can, you are the reason my son will be a shooter for life.


Sore Thumbs

It hurts so good. Shooting everything from a 10/22 to a Barrett .50cal. Here at the luckygunner blogger shoot this has got to be one of the funnest times have photos and video to come later.

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