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Well Written Article on Gun Control from a Gun Loving Leftist.

Here is a well written article. Read it and enjoy.



… About Right…


Government: “F___ YOU WE WILL DO WHAT WE WANT!”

One day after the protests and the death of the bill that would prevent the Feds from shutting down sites for piracy, The feds shut down a site for piracy. I guess its their way of saying "F___ YOU WE WILL DO WHAT WE WANT" to the people....

Story here


SOPA strike

Brokentrace and I have decided to join the strike against SOPA. We will be offline tomorrow (18th) and will be back on the 19th. We plan on spending the time we would normally be surfing and looking at other gun sites calling our reps. We encourage all our readers to do the same.

Thank You for your patience.


Brady misses the bulls eye….. again.

The Brady campaign just doesn't get it..... again. They are calling the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011" by the made up name of "“Packing Heat On Your Street" bill. They say on their website:

H.R. 822 is so extreme it would allow dangerous, violent, and untrained people from out-of-state to carry loaded guns in your community, and your state would be powerless to stop them.

Apparently giving it a "big bad name" makes is worse than it really is like "barrel shroud" or "shoulder thingie that goes up".

I can't get over how much this is an oversight. They are saying the people that go through all the legal channels and get themselves proper training are the problem... WHY do they feel that the people that care enough to want to protect their families are the problem, not the ones that we are protecting their families from.

Because if a CRIMINAL knows that there is a LAW that stops them from crossing state lines while they have a gun in their wast band they will stop, turn in their firearm to the nearest police officer and stop their life of crime, and join a local non-profit that's whole mission in life is not to help people but to strip them of their rights because they believe that an inanimate object is what causes people to commit crimes not the person themselves.


Did you hold your candlelight vigil with the Brady campaign?

These people did.

When will they have a vigil for all poor sea kittens murdered every year eaten my the horrible people in tofurky, TX?

H/T Weer'd


Letter to AG Holder from Issa and Grassley

Here is an interesting letter sent to AG Eric Holder from Darrell Issa and Charles Grassley

Get the letter here


Big Brother Will Watch You Now

The FTC has given it blessings to a company selling the latest and greatest in employee background checks. Social Intelligence Corp. is offering a service now that will scour the social media sites and return a report biased on what is found. In the example report on The Consumerist, the person is holding a firearm and a sword. This person was flagged because of " Demonstrating potentially violent behavior" and "Flagrant display of weapons or bombs"

Now this strikes me as odd in this day in time when profiling someone is wrong. Pardon my ignorance, but I believe this is the same thing. Please feel free to chime in on this topic.


Way To Go Gov. Perry

Governor Rick Perry signed in to law a bill that will allow employees to store firearms in their privately owned  vehicles. This will go in effect September 1 2011. Read the NRA writeup here.

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