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The Brady Campaign Has Gone Full Derp.

A friend of mine enlightened me on a recent posting on the Brady Campaign's facebook page. Please see exhibit "A"


That is the picture that was posted and see exhibit "B" on the screen capture of their facebook page.


So it seems the Brady Campaign is saying that rape only lasts 30 and all is over?  Women that have been sexually assaulted have a difficult time carrying on normal lives and the emotional scars run deep. There have been rape victims that committed suicide because of the emotional torment. 

Are we to believe that their soultion is to become a victim and night fight back because of some sheep mentally? 
Please feel free to chime in.


Heading out to the Blooger shoot.

Getting ready to walk out the door to the Luckygunner blogger shoot this weekend. We will be posting photos and videos of the festivities. So stay tuned for some fun times. Meanwhile here are some videos and links to keep Y'all interested till we return.

When You are ready to take on the RESPONSIBILITY of CCW. PLEASE ensure that you attend training to be a effective and safe user of the tool.


FBI: 5.5 percent drop in violent crime

According to the FBI violent crime has dropped 5.5% over the last year, according to one criminologist (James Alan Fox) the declines signify success for aggressive law enforcement and corrections programs and comprehensive crime prevention efforts. He said the crime levels could easily rise if the current environment of state and local budget cutting extends to law enforcement measures that are working.

(BWahahahaha I'm sorry i couldn't keep a strait face)

They seem to be puzzled as to why crime falling.... Really?

Or is it the fact that they ignore the recent surge in new gun ownership in the US.

After all it doesn't take a genius to realize that more guns = less crime



MRE’s and malaise.

These last two weeks have been tough on everyone here in North Alabama, I work and live in the Huntsville/Madison area and Brokentrace Lives in the Cullman area, other than Tuscaloosa these are the two hardest hit areas around. There are definite hard lessons learned as far as emergency preparedness is concerned that I'm glad I learned in this situation and not in something even more devastating.

Lesson #1 Having supplies are good but not if they are in a safe place. A good friend of mine lost most of his house, he told me about how he had his camping equipment freeze dried food with water sitting in his garage waiting for the day he needed it. Unfortunately his garage and all of its contents were taken by the tornado, with all the cans of freeze dried food being so light they were blown everywhere and most of them were useless. The only things left were the 5 gallon jugs of water.

This made me rethink the location of my food stores, I quickly moved them to the center of the house in a area that I reinforced as a tornado shelter anyway. In my house all the rooms are on an exterior wall, there isn't even an interior closet to go to, so I reinforced the area under the landing of the stairs to act as a tornado shelter. Hopefully one day I will be able to build a proper one.

Lesson #2 Communications, having Cell service was fine for the first day or so was OK, but once the batteries and generators on the cell towers started to die the service went down hill VERY quickly. At one point I was assisting the salvation army with their communications using my 2 meter HAM radio.

Having a 2 meter mobile radio was the best ways of communicating after the storm since cell service was out and no power for Internet we could only get updates from people 60 or so miles away with TV and Internet to relay us info.

Having to sit in the car to communicate was a bit taxing so a Handheld is a definite must get for next time. something with 2 meters and 70 centimeters that has a rechargeable and a standard AA battery pack, an external antenna is also a must in this situation.

Lesson #3 Though I didn't run out of fuel I would have been more comfortable with more. I had 2 quarts of Kerosene for hurricane lanterns and general lanterns. I got an extra quart from a friend with a Kerosene heater when it took both quarts to fill all of the lanterns I had.

Propane is a second. though one bottle of propane for the grill was enough I quickly learned that there wasn't any to spare around, when I went out looking for some I couldn't find it anywhere so I will try to have at least 2 bottles for next time.

Coleman Fuel or "white gas" I will get one more gallon for my camping stove and lantern, one gallon was enough but now if I need it again I will be short, along with more matches and lighters.

Lesson #4 a power inverter is a great thing, with a small 175 watt power inverter and a 12v to USB adapter I was able to keep all my rechargeable items charged, from laptops for my son to watch movies on to cell phones. Though one around the size of 1000 watts would have been better, at least that way I would have been able to charge several items at once, Also I will be getting a set of solar panels and a charge regulator to recharge car batteries to run these items rather than using fuel to do so.

Things done right. I have 6 cases of MRE's and several other dehydrated food stores available and 4 cases of bottled water with 10-1 gallon jugs. with that a grill and a camping stove, hot water and food prep was covered. In fact as things started to thaw in the fridge we ate better the first couple of days in order to prevent the food from going to waste.

I had enough ammo to defend my family if need be from looters or people that wanted what we had, but not enough for a long duration SHTF scenario, this will be remedied soon from luckygunner.


Why would you NOT arm you wife or daughter?

The acting could be better but the points are well made.

There are a lot more videos here


Basic Home Defense

While many of us think that a gun in the house makes us secure, we all must realize that in a home invasion there are only seconds to react. MARSEC4 has a great article on home defense. Its a multi-part series on this subject. This first one covers the exterior of the home, items like the windows and doors, landscaping, and also lighting. Keep watching for the next part of the series.


Way to go Ms. Brown

Armed beauty queen shoots intruder with a pink .38 handgun. Read the article here. As the article states the assailant was a repeat offender.

Good job Ms. Brown, we need to hear more positive things where a firearm saved a life.


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