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Interview from a mass shooting survivor.

Here is a recent interview from a survivor of a mass shooting.


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The Internet Hate Machine

Hey guys,
Long time no talk. Its time to awaken the gun rights supporters and be ever vigilant in educating thoes around us on the facts behind gun control.
Stay true to the course and don't stop the debate. We have too much at stake, our freedoms and liberties.

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The fall of the second amendment at the hands of its suppliers.

Just in case you didn't know that the second amendment is collapsing around us today. Dicks' sporting goods, Cheaperthandirt, and WalMart has pulled all their "Modern Sporting Rifles" from their shelves....

CTD has released the Following:

Cheaper Than Dirt! is suspending online sales of firearms effective immediately.

We are reviewing our policy internally, and will continue to be the leader in the outdoor industry with our full line of gear and accessories.

Michael Tenny, CEO

Looking at their facebook page many of us are being vocal about our disdain for this "knee jerk reaction"

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Types of People You Encounter

6 People You Meet at a Shooting Range

Source: http://tacticalgear.com/shooting-range

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This is why we carry.

Without the swift actions of this 71yo CCW carrier things could have been a lot worse.





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Hope everyone had a good memorial day.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe memorial day. I also hope that everyone stopped and remembered what the really was about. Remembering all that has stood in the face of danger and those that laid it all down for freedom. Ours and for the oppressed in the world.  I am proud to call myself an American and I am also proud of the service that each and everyone has given. This includes law enforcement, fire, and military as well.

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So Very True


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Snipers Log.

Several months ago I picked up the Brownells/Storm Tactical Precision Rifle Data Book to use in my long range shooting endeavors. There are many benefits to using a data book for long range shooting, such as keeping track of shot placement in a given set of environmental conditions, elevation and wind holdovers, and general notes.

The Brownells data book comes in a sturdy Cordura Nylon zippered case with generous pockets for pens and a Mil Dot Master.

This databook covers a broad range of targets and data pages. I do think this book would benefit from having more note pages and a target size page. At least make this an option for addition.

All in all this book is a very handy book to keep in the range bag or sniper drag bag. Keeping track of all your shooting data for future references aids to better shooting. I will expand more on this book along with my long range shooting trail. Until then happy shooting and keep the muzzle down range.








When Self Defense Becomes Illegal.

So a thief breaks into your home, take your pistol and confronts you with your firearm, you defend yourself and shoot in self defense IN YOUR OWN HOME, then you are taken into custody where the prosecutor then decides if your actions were justified. Meanwhile if you are like so many of us, you miss work, and an arrest even if there is no conviction could result in loosing your job. WHY is it that they spend more time looking to charge the victim of the burglary then they do looking for the suspects?

Sorry Here

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